Director of Black & White with children in Mukuni Village

“As a company we have been supporting 5 orphans in Mukuni Village for 5 years now. In March 2012 I was lucky enough to be able to visit the village and meet the amazing children that we sponsor. The support that they get from The Butterfly Tree is amazing, and despite their hardship, they are all growing up to be amazing people. Since my visit we have started to sponsor another 5 orphans, and my husband’s company Dative Studios also now sponsors 5.

Sponsored Orphan – Mukuni Basic School

The Butterfly Tree really are doing an amazing job in Zambia and every penny helps. Whether you want to sponsor an orphan to go to school or pay for a new school block, it all makes a difference. Am happy to discuss my experience with anybody that wants to get in touch.”

Black & White is a small firm of Chartered Certified Accountants with offices in Blackfield (Hampshire), Holybourne (Hampshire) and Southport (Merseyside) and provided on going support for The Butterfly tree orphan sponsorship programme.

The Butterfly Tree is seeking corporate sponsorship to build more classrooms, teacher’s houses, bore holes, community houses and for the orphan sponsorship program. Your support could make a huge difference to a local community who need only the essentials in life – WATER, FOOD, HEALTH and EDUCATION. For more information contact us.