Over the Christmas period over £500 million is anticipated to be spent online in the UK alone. If you would like to make a little extra for The Butterfly Tree charity over this spending period – then you can just by shopping at the stores below. If you follow the links to any of the shops below, they will pay us a small commission for any purchases you make.

Here are some of our favorite shops:


Another way to raise funds is to search the web with Everyclick search engine and raise funds as you shop:


How it works… The revenue for EveryClick is generated by advertisers who pay for sponsored listings within the search results and banner advertising. Therefore the more people that use EveryClick, the more the advertisers’ listings are clicked and the more money is raised for charity. Over one half of all the revenue EveryClick generates each month is given to charity.


We can raise extra pennies and pounds if you shop via the above links or use Everyclick to search – every penny really does make a different to those in need.