Orphan Sponsorship Expands

Working in a country such as Zambia where funerals are a weekly occurence and more and more children become orphaned through HIV/AIDS makes you realise how precious life is. Loosing my husband has made me more determined than ever to help these vulnerable people, especially the orphans. Only this month we have sponsored a child who lost her parents when she was young, followed by her aunt and uncle who became her guardians and now her grandfather has passed away leaving her grandmother to look after her, she is only thirteen years of age.

Josephine Lubasi aged thirteen, living in Mukuni Village, is one of hundreds of orphans who need your help. Education is the most important part of their lives, by offering them a sponsorship not only gives them a chance to overcome their hardships, it gives them hope. Without this these children have nothing. The advantage of living in a rural African village is that there is always someone who will accomodate them, which is far better than having to go into an orphanage. However this puts a great strain on the guardians, pushing them further below the poverty line.

Photo: Sponsor these children from Mukuni Chiefdom

Christmas is soon approaching and the pressure is on to buy expensive food, drink and gifts, to party, to indulge and to overspend. Consider sponsoring an orphan; giving an orphan an education, it has a lasting effect, will make a difference and can completely change a child’s life. More info on: orphan sponsorship

I would like to thank everyone for the thoughtful messages, comforting words and tremendous offers of support to The Butterfly Tree.

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