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The Butterfly Tree is delighted to have a mention in an article featured in Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Last June I took the Donlins from New York up to Mukuni Village to show them around the school and The Butterfly Tree projects, they were very impressed with our work, donated virtually all their clothes to a poor community at Dumwa and have recently given a $2500 donation.. They have since said that it was the most memorable moment of  their trip.

Another family who I took to Mukuni during the same month gave a donation to the health centre, funded a bore hole, sponsor five orphans and offering on going support to the charity. All the visitors to Mukuni are touched by the people and their enduring hardships and are endeared to see that they still manage to smile. The importance of giving back to a community is invaluable, sitting round the pool of a five star hotel or playing on a golf course gives employment to local people but donating a bore hole gives their families safe clean water, a chance to improve their health, grow vegetables and gives them a chance to become sustainable.

In March we had great fun distributing the 2000 t-shirts and shorts donated by a group of tourists, through Nakker International, who visited Mukuni earlier in the year.

Mukuni children photo
New T-shirts for Mukuni children

It is a mutual benefit for both the traveller and the people in these developing countries. Anyone visiting the Victoria Falls can visit Mukuni Village and see The Buttefly Tree at work, many have said it was the highlight of their travels to Southern Africa. Philanthropic travel can make a difference to someone’s life, through our orphan sponsorship program you can make a difference to their entire community.

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