Special Orphan Sponsorship

Two weeks ago Paul from Blackpool contacted me to say that he was going out to Zambia for a holiday and that he’d like to get involved with a charity working at Mukuni Village; by the end of the conversation Paul generously offered to fund a bore hole. Little did I realise that this was just his first donation. After several subsequent phone calls Paul told me that he was so inspired by the work of The Butterfly Tree that he would like to donate further funds.

Lillian Mwandila has lost both her parents and is eleven years old. She lives with her grandmother and four other orphans in a tiny mud hut in the middle of Mukuni Village. She was on our orphan sponsorship list awaiting a donor along with 59 orphans who I met last month. Now she has been offered an amazing opportunity thanks to Paul who will shortly be visiting Zambia, to not only obtain a full education at Mukuni but the rare opportunity to go on to University. Why was Lillian selected from such a long list when they are all vulnerable? The Butterfly Tree team in Zambia spent two days talking to teachers, visiting homes and scrutinising the orphans before they made their selection. Lillian proved to be the most needy with a clever mind, someone who hopefully will prosper from this wonderful offer and gain knowledge to assist her community in the future.

Lillian Mwandila
Lillian Mwandila from Mukuni Village

My new donor didn’t stop there after further conversations Paul wanted to fund five community houses, one of which I suggested went to Lillian’s family and he also offered extra funds for the other orphans living with her. After talking about the shortage of food and our successful feeding program at Mukuni Paul has also offered to start one at Siamasimbi School. Overnight Paul realised the importance of philanthropic travel, giving something back to the community he is visiting.

In the midst of all our doom and gloom due to the global crisis, do we stop and think just how much all the developing countries are suffering? Now one man’s kindness has given a boost to the charity funds and hope for a young Zambian girl. You too can get involved with our orphan sponsorship program and help Zambian children like Lillian.

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