Africa Malaria 2010

Of all the programs we run in Zambia, malaria has to be one of the most essential. Africa malaria is the biggest killer of man, 75% of deaths occur in children under the age of five in Sub-Sahara Africa. Although it cannot be cured it can be easily treated if caught in time. Thanks to generous funding from Saga Charitable Trust we have been able to provide educational workshops, mosquito nets and malaria testing kits. Our latest report shows a significant reduction in new cases and in areas where we have distributed mosquito nets there has been no occurrences.


Africa malaria: ‘Change for the Better’

The government are unable to supply free mosquito nets to all the nation. It is vital for children under the age of five and pregnant women to be protected; sadly this is not the case and several areas of Mukuni do not have enough nets and new cases of malaria have recently been confirmed. Educating the people of the dangers of this destructive disease is equally important. Mosquitos like still or slow moving water, the malaria mosquitos lay their eggs in clean water and bite only between 10 pm and dawn. Getting tested as soon as possible is crucial, so that the neccessary drugs can be perscribed, before the sickness becomes critical. People with HIV are particulary sensitive as they have an impaired immune systems, therfore they too should sleep under mosquito nets.


Buy this song to save a child’s life

With World Malaria Day fast approaching and targets to be met by governments worldwide, The Butterfly Tree is supporting the fight against malaria by launching a charity song, called ‘Change for the Better’. The song which features top Zambian artist TY2, with Crystal Shaun, Kaufela and Lillina Mweene from Mukuni Village, will be sold to raise global awareness and funds to purchase mosquito nets and malaria testing kits. It will be available in shops throughout Zambia and the CD or download can be bought on this website from the 25th April.

Basement Entertainment UK who have parterned with us, to help promote the song, are hosting an event in London for the UK Zambian community on the 24th April. All profits from the sale of the CD and event will go directly to our Africa malaria program. Buy ‘Change for the Better’ and save a child’s life.

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