The Butterfly Tree has a number of charitable organisations, clubs and businesses that have partnered with us to help our cause. Collaborating with other charities, particularly ones that are working in the same field can be hugely beneficial. Working together for the same cause can have a greater impact as well as helping to alleviate corruption. There are hundreds of small charities supporting Zambia, many simply working with a senior headman or school teacher, which can be detrimental if monitoring is not being done. With over two-thirds of the population living below the poverty line, temptation for these leaders to first help themselves and their families can prevent the funds going to the intended project.

The Butterfly Tree is registered both in the UK and Zambia, this means that we can ensure every donation goes directly into  grass roots projects. We have a team of highly experienced volunteers on the ground – these include former Chairman of the Provincial HIV and AIDS board, Chairman of the Livingstone Malaria Board, a Head Teacher, a local Councillor and an Environmental Officer. As a result of our sound track record of transparency and accountability we have attracted a number of partners who rely on us to initiate, manage and monitor projects for them.