Annette first set foot on Zambian soil in 2019 as part of a working group assisting with the building of Blooms The Chemist’s sponsored maternity ward and mother’s shelter in Simonga, Zambia. Tasked with sharing the story of both the resilience of the local communities, and the challenges they face, her time with the villagers and indeed all her experiences in Zambia profoundly changed her.

As the daughter of a midwife, Annette has formed a lasting friendship with the Head Nurse of Simonga Village Health Post, bonding over their experiences of the sacred nature of motherhood and the role of the midwife being ‘with woman’.

Annette returned to Simonga in 2020 to ensure the built facilities were fully equipped, and as the National Communications Manager of Blooms The Chemist, has continued to work as a key liaison between her company and The Butterfly Tree, assisting with ongoing project and maintenance donations.

Passionate about diversity & inclusion and social impact, in 2021 Annette joined The Butterfly Tree as a volunteer in an individual capacity, giving her time and skills in digital media, marketing and communications.