From 2007 t0 2015 Saga’s Charitable Trust  provided substantial funds to support The Butterfly Tree’s malaria prevention programme and a number of other health and education initiatives  in the Mukuni Chiefdom. The most recent for malaria prevention, a bore hole and two boarder’s shelters in Mukuni Village. Saga customers and staff are able to visit the Trust supported projects whilst they are on holiday or on Saga Volunteer Travel placements, working with local NGOs and tour operators around the globe. Sadly, the no longer visit Zambia.

Every year the entire company has a fundraising challenge to raise further money for the Trust in addition to receiving donations from clients. As a result an extra £10,000 was donated to The Butterfly Tree in 2011 to add a bore hole to Mukuni Village, giving access to safe clean water and a boarders’ shelter, easing the burden for pupils who have to walk long distances. In 2012 the charity received over £17,000 as a result of the fundraising challenge – this funded a further boarders’ shelter, a special education unit and several thousand mosquito nets.

Boarders’ shelter – Mukuni Basic School

Saga’s funding for The Butterfly Tree malaria prevention program has helped to save the lives of many children in the Mukuni Chiefdom. In 2013 Saga Volunteer Travel, in partnership with The Butterfly Tree, started a volunteer programme at Mukuni Village. The first volunteers are teaching at the basic school for the month of August.

The Butterfly Tree is seeking corporate sponsorship to build more classrooms, teacher’s houses, bore holes, community houses and for the orphan sponsorship program. Your support could make a huge difference to a local community who need only the essentials in life – WATER, FOOD, HEALTH and EDUCATION. For more information contact us.