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In Zambia there are 710,000 orphans. 33,000 children are infected with the HIV virus. Orphan sponsorship provides an education for these vulnerable children.

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HIV and AIDS Education

According to the World Health Organisation:

  • The only way to reduce the HIV/AIDS statistics is through education - one in six adults in Zambia are infected with the HIV virus. 
  • 35.3 million people living with HIV in 2012
  • 2.1 million adolescents were living with HIV in 2012
  • 9.7 million people in low- and middle-income countries were receiving antiretroviral therapy at the end of 2012
  • In 2013, the world registered 2.3 million new HIV infections
  • 6.6 Million people currently receiving ARV therapy

Every family is infected or affected. In the Livingstone and Mukuni area the statistics are the fourth highest in the nation, with 27% of the population infect with HIV. It is imperative that people have access to education, come forward to be tested, know their status and to take the antiretroviral drugs if they are tested positive.  Our aim is to assist the rural clinics with their HIV/AIDS prevention programs and to target school pupils, in order for them to be the ones that make the change. We provide peer education, use educational DVDS to create awareness and help to remove the stigma. TME, a Warwickshire based charity, provide us with the interactive DVDs, which have proved to be an invaluable source of material.

We are providing an orphan sponsorship program for some 500 children besides assisting thousands more with improved health and education facilities. The statistics in Livingstone and Mukuni Village are some of the highest in the nation due it being a tourist and border area. School pupils are encouraged to be tested for HIV, to remove the stigma and support peers who are HIV positive. Antiretroviral drugs are free of charge and readily available at the rural clinics as are contraceptives to prevent having unprotected sex.


Receiving education on HIV prevention

Women who are pregnant and wish to give birth at a clinic are automatically tested for HIV. If the mother is HIV positive the government’s directive is to breastfeed for two years. The infant will also be put on drugs and are tested regularly. Mukuni Health Centre has made good progress in this area and we hope that the new clinic we have constructed at Mahalulu will help to reduce the numbers of people contracting HIV.

Latest Happenings WITH OUR HIV and AIDS Education Project

Nov 25

Matched Funding

Christmas Donations

We have got off to a great start with our campaign to raise extra funds for Christmas. A private donor  has offered to match funds up to the value of £8,000. Anyone who would like to make a donation between now and the 8th December has a strong chance of getting their donation matched.

Please click on DONATE to make a donation on a special fundraising page. If you would prefer to make a bank transfer, send a cheque or require further details please contact jane@thebutterflytree.org.uk



The Butterfly Tree is working in four Chiefdoms in the Southern Province of Zambia, assisting several thousand orphaned and vulnerable children. Your donations will help to reach out to more rural communities and orphans who need safe water, health and education facilities as well as protection from malaria.

Malaria remains the biggest killer of man. According to the World Health Organisation ‘ in 2012, 90% of all malaria deaths occurred in the WHO African Region, mostly among children under 5 years of age. Malaria prevention methods are vital.



DONATE to The Butterfly Tree knowing that your money will be used where it is most needed, NO administration or personal fees will be deducted. We aim to use the matched funding towards the purchase a much needed vehicle for our amazing team in Zambia.

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Nov 18

Boost Education & Malaria Prevention

Fundraising for Christmas

The build up to Christmas is truly under way – festive lights illuminating the high streets, TV and radio media advertising the latest computer games and supermarket crammed with treats. With so much turmoil happening around the globe, the raging wars, the natural disasters and the Ebola crisis, to mention but a few, it’s hard to get enthusiastic about Christmas. The unwanted gifts, the over indulgence, the unnecessary stress it all creates is it really worth it? There are so many good causes that need supporting and this is the perfect time for giving.

A recent quote from one of our orphan sponsors sums it up: ‘With all the excess involved in Christmas and even everyday spending on silly things, it is genuinely a delight to give money to people who really need it.’


Sponsor an orphan through The Butterfly Tree

This month The Butterfly Tree has received some amazing donations and grants. The British and Foreign School Society has approved a grant for a 1×2 classroom block and latrines for Ndele Primary School. This is just one of many education projects funded by the BFSS since 2007. Mukuni Special Education unit is to get a boost thanks to a generous donation from Pegnet, Germany and several more children have been added to our orphan sponsorship programme.


Ndele pupils to receive new classroom

November is Zambia is the start of the rainy season, after six months without a drop of rain the farmers and rural communities are rejoicing. This is the time for planting maize and other crops to secure enough food to store through the prolonged dry season. The downside is that the wet season increases the risk of contracting malaria. Chuunga Village has reported four new cases. We are working with Biotech International to bring new innovative methods of prevention to Zambia. Supported by Saga Charitable Foundation who has donated substantial funds to help boost this project, we aim to make the change. In addition New Textiles has donated over 100 protective t-shirts, which have been distributed amongst children at Mahalulu School.


Mahalulu pupils receiving protective t-shirts

This year we are not taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge. Many people found this very stressful and complained that they could not get the donation on in time. It is highly competitive and time consuming. Instead we have a private donor who has offered to match funds up to the value of £8,000. Anyone who would like to make a donation between now and the 8th December has a strong chance of getting their donation matched. Please click on DONATE to make a donation or contact jane@thebutterflytree.org.uk  if you would like to make a bank transfer, send a cheque or require further details.

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Oct 30

Zambia Loses President

Tragic loss for the Nation


The Butterfly Tree is saddened to announce the passing away of President Michael Chilufya Sata on October 28th in London.

Acting President Guy Scott has announced the commencement of the period of mourning.

images (5)

Our condolences go to his family and the entire Zambian nation.


Sep 29

September Newsletter

Water, Health and Education Developments

The Butterfly Tree has come a long way since 2006, gaining a sound reputation for transparency, attracting a global following, as well as continuing to be run by a team of dedicated and hard-working volunteers. After recently spending three weeks in Zambia there is so much to report, so many stories to tell and many people to thank.


Visit to Nampuyani School

The start of the trip was spent hosting Geoff Crill, a Commissioner from our major donor organisation, the Jersey Overseas Aid Commission. After three days visiting rural schools at Kamwi, Ndele, Mukuni, Machenje, Matengu and Silelo, we ended with a visit to the newly opened clinic at Mahalulu, the Commissioner was impressed! He saw first-hand how far we have reached, the challenges we face, met our wonderful team of volunteers and personally funded the repair of the Silelo borehole. A new Community Work Project is to be funded by JOAC for the expansion of N’gandu School for 2015, when volunteers from Jersey will travel to Zambia to help with the construction of the project.


JOAC Commissioner. Geoff Crill, addresses the community – Mahalulu Health Centre

Further development is taking place at Nampuyani, where a new borehole has been added, thanks to Just a Drop and funded by Attraction Tickets Direct who also paid for the addition of latrines and restoration of the school. Previously the only source of water was collected from bacteria infected shallow wells. The three hour drive to Nampuyani was tough, driving across river beds and a little too close for comfort to bush fires! However the joy of seeing children pumping safe clean water, was both humbling and overwhelming, and well worth the effort.


New borehole for Nampuyani School

Muchimbale School, also in the Nyawa Chiefdom, underwent extensive development in 2013. Now thanks to further funding from a private donor a health post is to be added to reduce the distance that this community has to walk to seek medical attention. Moving on the Musokotwane Chiefdom Simango School, with some 750 pupils, has the addition of a Special Education unit, jointly funded by St. James Place Foundation and The Besom.


Special Education class for Simango pupils

Three Enactus students from Sheffield University successfully initiated two projects for school leavers in the Mukuni Chiefdom. After funding repairs to four boreholes, a sustainable WASHcom. was set up in remote villages. Six school leavers are now operating a soap-making project and supplying their products to local hotels and lodges. Among the local supporters are Safpar and Stanley Safari Lodge. Emma Kennedy, our UK volunteer, returned to Zambia for three months to assist with our grass root projects.


Enactus students Rosa, Pete and Sarah,with Gift Kamanisha, project manager

As always I was given a substantial amount of items to distribute, which included medical supplies, knitted items from District 6 Inner Wheel Clubs and football jerseys from York City Football Club, complete with 15 footballs donated by their CEO John McGhee. In addition we received 130 t-shirts impregnated with mosquito nets from New Textiles, Portugal. These are to be given to a remote community where there is a high prevalence of malaria and also to our Zambia volunteers. We are continuing our campaign to help the fight against malaria and to prevent further new cases in these rural villages.


New strips for ‘top of the league’ Mukuni United Football Club

Thank you to everyone for all your support – without you, none of this could have happened!

Jane Kaye-Bailey

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Aug 14

Donors and Volunteers

Fundraising for Zambia

With the holiday season in full swing August in generally a quiet month for charities. However I am pleased to report that The Butterfly Tree is having a great month, funds are being boosted thanks to new and existing donors, fundraisers from church members to students raising money for the charity and volunteers are heading out to Zambia. Once again the Jersey Overseas Aid Commission has offered substantial support in the form of a Community Work Project to develop Ng’andu Basic School. This school was built in the early 1940′s and apart from the charity restoring classrooms and adding a bore hole and teacher’s houses very little else has been done. JOAC volunteers will assist in the construction of a new 1×3 classroom block, two teachers’ houses and latrines in May 2015.


Ng’andu Basic School to be upgraded

Cunninghams, another of our long term donors,continues to support a feeding programme at Mukuni Comprehensive school for 400 pupils and 50 boarders. As part of our malaria prevention campaign to help the fight against malaria, New Textiles Portugal has donated over 100 insect repellent t-shirts to distribute amongst children in areas where we have seen an increase in new cases of malaria.


Malaria Prevention and Early Testing are Vital in the Fight Against Malara

This year we have seen an increase in volunteering in Zambia. Most recently from the US Hanna Cohen and her two daughters helped at the Mukuni schools and raised funds towards a borehole. Neysa Murphy and Wiremu Sutherland from New Zealand assisted the NASAAZ interschools’ Drama, Poetry and Choirs competitions and have since offered financial support for the Festival and will set up a scholarship for talented performers. Currently three Enactus students from Sheffield University are initiating WASHcoms and soap-making projects at Ng’andu, Kamwi and Kasiya Schools to improve the water supply and hygiene standards.


Traditional Dancers compete at the NAASAZ Festival

Other donations have included invaluable blood pressure monitors from Medisave for Mukuni Health Centre and three large boxes of football strips from York City Football Club. These will be shared amongst the Mukuni United Football Club, who are presently top of their league and a number of rural schools. We are very grateful to all our supporters who provide vital funds and supplies to help with our projects in remote areas of Zambia.


A home made football – Chise Village

There are many ways you can help The Butterfly Tree, through fundraising or volunteering. If you would like any further information please click on this link to contact us.

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