Orphan Sponsorship

In Zambia there are 710,000 orphans. 33,000 children are infected with the HIV virus. Orphan sponsorship provides an education for these vulnerable children.

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HIV and AIDS Education

According to the World Health Organisation:

  • The only way to reduce the HIV/AIDS statistics is through education - one in six adults in Zambia are infected with the HIV virus. E
  • 35.3 million people living with HIV in 2012
  • 2.1 million adolescents were living with HIV in 2012
  • 9.7 million people in low- and middle-income countries were receiving antiretroviral therapy at the end of 2012

very family is infected or affected. In the Livingstone and Mukuni area the statistics are the fouth highest in the nation, with 27% of the population infect with HIV. It is imperative that people have access to education, come forward to be tested, to know their status and to take the antiretroviral drugs if they are tested positive.  Our aim is to assist the rural clinics with their HIV/AIDS prevention programs and to target school pupils, in order for them to be the ones that make the change. We provide peer education, use educational DVDS to create awareness and help to remove the stigma. TME, a Warwickshire based charity, provide us with the interactive DVDs, which have proved to be an invaluable source of material.

We are providing an orphan sponsorship program for some 500 children besides assisting thousands more with improved health and education facilities. The statistics in Livingstone and Mukuni Village are some of the highest in the nation due it being a tourist and border area. School pupils are encouraged to be tested for HIV, to remove the stigma and support peers who are HIV positive. Antiretroviral drugs are free of charge and readily available at the rural clinics as are contraceptives to prevent having unprotected sex.


Receiving education on HIV prevention

Women who are pregnant and wish to give birth at a clinic are automatically tested for HIV. If the mother is HIV positive the government’s directive is to breastfeed for two years. The infant will also be put on drugs and are tested regularly. Mukuni Health Centre has made good progress in this area and we hope that the new clinic we have constructed at Mahalulu will help to reduce the numbers of people contracting HIV.

Latest Happenings WITH OUR HIV and AIDS Education Project

Mar 27

Mothers in Zambia

Fundraising for Mother's Day

In developing countries such as Zambia much of the responsibility of bringing up children is left to the mother. Sadly, as a result of the HIV and AIDS pandemic, there are far too many young widows left with no income. The Butterfly Tree provides housing and sustainable income-generating enterprises for such women.


Young Zambian mother and child

It is believed that if you educate a women she will educate the entire family. Certainly from my eight year experience of working with women in Zambia, they are ready to make the change. Traditionally, in villages like Mukuni, boys dropped out of school to become wood carvers and girls fell pregnant or were forced into early marriages. Times are changing and now both boys and girls are completing high school. Education is the key to overcoming poverty and disease.


The Butterfly Tree house for young widow and children

At the beginning of May further houses will be built for these young widows, thanks to fundraising efforts by William Anderson of Teamworks, who will be going out to Zambia with his colleagues to help with the construction of four new homes. To date we have donated over sixty houses to widows and orphans.

Help us to reach out to vulnerable women on Mother’s Day:

  • Order flowers through our partner Charity Flowers - 15% will be donated to the charity
  • Buy a CD and listen to the powerful voices of the Mukuni School Choir
  • Place a bid on Ebay for our ‘teddy bear’ auction

‘Teddy Bear’ Auction – knitted by an Inner Wheel Club member

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Mar 19

Education in Rural Schools

Mukuni Choir raise funds for Orphans Education

2014 has brought hope for thousands of orphaned and vulnerable rural children in the Southern Province of Zambia. We are now reaching out to twenty six schools in four Chiefdoms, spanning a radius of 200 kilometres from our base at Mukuni Village. Over ten thousand children have access to advanced education and many more have access to improved water and health facilities.


River View Basic School – Sikute Chiefdom

The latest development is taking place at Muchimbale Community School, in the Nyawa Chiefdom, thanks to a generous donor. The school is very remote and has little support from the outside world. Last year The Butterfly Tree installed a bore hole and latrines, completed a teacher’s house and initiated a feeding programme. This year a further donation will enable us to restore an old classroom, purchase books and equipment and introduce a sustainable income-generating activity at the school.


Muchimbale Community School – Nyawe Chiefdom

Further progress can be seen at Katapazi Basic School with the opening of a special education unit, another one is currently being constructed at Simango Basic School in the Musokotwane Chiefdom, making four in total. Rural children in Zambia, with special needs, have no access to education. Chunga Community School classroom will shortly be completed and our aim is to also build a second classroom at Ndele Community School.


Mukuni Special Education Unit – funded by The Besom

We have forthcoming visits from a number of volunteers and philanthropists, who have helped us to grow. These include a group from Attraction Tickets Direct, a donor of our partner Just a Drop, who last year funded a bore hole and latrines. Besides international supporters we have engaged a number of local donors and fundraisers.

The ‘Mukuni Shining Stars’ choir, with the help of  Emma Kennedy, one of our UK volunteers, has produced a CD to raise funds to educate orphans. The music is performed A Cappella, which showcases the tremendous talent of these young performers. Several of them are on our orphan sponsorship programme and the choir has performed at some of the renowned hotels around the Victoria Falls.


The Mukuni Shining Stars

The album can be purchased for just £7 – all proceeds will go directly to the cause. Please use this link to place your order and help raise funds for orphans.


Feb 10

Charity Partners & Sponsors

Support a Project and Make A Difference

Over the years The Butterfly Tree has acquired a number of partners and sponsors, which has helped us to expand our work in Zambia. This has enabled us to install bore holes, build schools and clinics, initiate feeding programmes and sustainable community projects.  In addition our orphan sponsorship programme has paid for the education of hundreds of orphaned and vulnerable children. We have built up a reputation for having a sound record of transparency, being an all-volunteer organisation and for giving regular feedback to our donors.


Bore Hole and Hand Pump funded by Epsom College

With so much need around the world sadly the charity sector has become very competitive. When it comes to applying for grants, a small charity like ours has to compete against the likes of Red Cross, Oxfam and Save the Children. Therefore it is imperative that we engage both individuals and corporate partners to provide us with the vital funds needed for The Butterfly Tree’s projects. If you own a company, are involved with a school or club, or simply an individual, we can help you to find a project that you can become involved with. Corporate Social Responsibility cannot only be beneficial to a charity, it can also enhance your company by making it more appealing to potential new clients.


Feeding Programme at Mukuni sponsored by Cunninghams

Our most recent partnership is with Charity Flowers, who give 15% to charity for every order placed with them. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, followed by Mother’s Day and Easter, when more flowers are sold than at any other time of the year. Follow this link and after choosing your flowers select The Butterfly Tree. Our Source Code is BT.

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Jan 28

Malaria Prevention

The Fight Against Malaria

Despite our efforts to support the universal fight against malaria more needs to be done to overcome this destructive disease. Malaria is the biggest killer of man. According to the World Health Organisation an estimated 3.4 billion people are at risk on malaria, of which 1.2 billion are at high risk. 90% of all malaria deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa, which of course includes Zambia.

WHO estimates from 2012-13

  • 207 million cases of malaria
  • 627 000 deaths
  • 77% occur in children under five

Malaria Prevention – early testing for malaria is vital

In recent years The Butterfly Tree’s malaria prevention programme has produced some great results. Now we need to increase the distribution of preventative methods to reach out to many more rural communities. Currently it is the rainy reason in Zambia and the rains are heavy and prolonged, which is great for the crops but not for malaria! To step up our work we have partnered with a SkintoSkin, the company has produced a t-shirt, impregnated with a WHO approved insect repellent. Through a crowd funding initiative a of target £50,000 has been set, which will provide us with invaluable t-shirts for our malaria prevention programme.

One t-shirt costs as little as £10 ($16) and and be bought using this link


Unprecedented rain in Zambia has caused an increase in malaria cases

On a happier note we are having great success with our education projects at Mukuni. Latest reports show that virtually all grade seven and nine pupils, many of which are on our orphan sponsorship programme, have passed their exams. Mukuni Basic School received the best result for the Kazungula District. Our supporters must take some of the credit for this due to the increase in text books donated to classes where previously one text book had to be shared between forty pupils. In addition a number of volunteers, two of which came through Saga Volunteer Travel, gave extra tuition to grade seven and nine pupils prior to their exams. A generous offer from Video4Books will provide the schools with further reading material.


Mukuni Basic School gets best exam results in the Kazungula District

This year we aim to increase our malaria prevention support, further expand Meet Mutsa’s peer education project for HIV prevention and open more special education units for children who are unable to attend school. As always we are very grateful for your support and hope that we can encourage more donors and volunteers to join The Butterfly Tree. Our entire team in both the UK and Zambia still consists of volunteers, most of them have been with us since 2006!



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Dec 24

Christmas is almost upon us and thanks to the tremendous support from our donors, fundraisers and volunteers around the globe many rural children in Zambia have a better future ahead of them.


Malaria Prevention – distribution of mosquito nets

December has been an incredibly good month for fundraising, most especially thanks to The Big Give Christmas Challenge, when we raised £15,000 in pledges and donations, which will be be doubled through their Charity Champion Fund and The Reed Foundation. In addition we received donations from the US, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Germany, France, Ireland and Switzerland and of course the UK, showing how The Butterfly Tree has attracted donors from all over the world.

We now have funds in place for hundreds more mosquito nets for our malaria prevention program, a teacher’s house, classrooms, seeds for school gardens. stationery for schools and over twenty new orphans added to our orphan sponsorship programme. Providing the essentials in life is what these communities most need to enable them to have a healthier and happier life.


New teacher’s house coming for Muchimbale Community School

The Butterfly Tree team would like to thank everyone who has helped us reach out to thousands and orphaned children in the Southern Province of Zambia. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!