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In Zambia there are 710,000 orphans. 33,000 children are infected with the HIV virus. Orphan sponsorship provides an education for these vulnerable children.

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Volunteering in Zambia

The Butterfly Tree is a charity and not a volunteer business. However we welcome dedicated and committed people to volunteer for the charity at Mukuni Village, seven kilometres from the mighty Victoria Falls. Unlike businesses there is no set charge for this opportunity, though we do ask participants if they would like to give a donation to one of our many projects, do some fundraising or take with them to Zambia items for the school or clinic. Over the past five years we have had a number of people from all walks of life who have made a substantial contribution, which has helped both the charity and the community in Mukuni. These include students, individuals and professionals from the US, Canada, Australia, Asia, Europe and the UK .

How volunteering works

We are very flexible as you will be independent, though working alongside a teacher, medical officer or a member of the team. There is no time scale so you may stay as long as you wish. If you are interested in working at both the clinic and the school we suggest you help at the clinic in the mornings and school in the afternoons. The schools are closed for the Christmas break during much of December, a month at Easter and for the month of August. There is also the opportunity to assist with community-based projects such as constructing houses, painting classrooms, holding workshops or working with women’s groups. For those wishing to work with children we would expect you to have a DBS check if you are a UK citizen or the equivalent from another country.

There are no facilities or accommodation available in Mukuni therefore we recommend that you stay in Livingstone at either of the backpackers places: Fawlty Towers or Jolly Boys  or Chanter Lodge if you want somewhere reasonably priced. If you want to be next to the Zambezi River the Waterfront is a fun place with really good value food. For long-term stay Tabonina Guest House offers good rates. For those seeking a more up market type of accommodation our partners Sun International has two hotels, the Royal Livingstone and the Zambezi Sun, next to the Victoria Falls. There is also Stanley Safari Lodge half way between the Falls and Mukuni and the stunning David Livingstone Safari Lodge and Spa closer and Protea Hotel closer to town. These arrangements along with flights will be your responsibility. To get to the village you can either take the local bus, which changes at the Victoria Falls and takes about an hour – it’s around £3 or £4 return or you can do a deal with a local taxi to take you for around £15 return. Zambia is very safe and the local people are extremely humble, friendly and obliging.

Our volunteers have loved this life-changing experience vowing to return and many have joined our cause to help improve the lives of these vulnerable people. Besides working with the charity the area has an abundance of activities, we recommend using Safpar for excursions including safaris, white water rafting and elephant-back riding. There is also micro-liting over the Victoria Falls, the Crocodile Farm and Livingstone Museum. It is also close to the Botswana border where some of the best game in Africa can be seen at Chobe National Park. If you would like to volunteer for The Butterfly Tree please carolyn@thebutterflytree.org.uk

HIV AIDS Prevention with Mutsa

HIV AIDS Prevention with Mutsa

Children in Mukuni

Children in Mukuni

  1. Carolyn Howe Said,

    I had a great time volunteering with The Butterfly Tree in July. I was lucky enough to meet Jane and accompany her on some trips out to other villages to get a real feel for what the charity does and how it makes a huge difference to the people in and around Mukuni, Zambia.
    During the week I was helping in the Special Education class. The building of the classroom was funded by The Butterfly Tree, before that the pupils in the class had to move to any room that was free. I got to teach the class various lessons as well as assist in the P.E class which was good fun. I sat in on some classes in the main part of the school too. I also spent a few hours in the pre-school which was lovely. The pupils all sang songs and knew all the movements to go along with the words.
    Throughout Mukuni you can see the work that The Butterfly Tree has done, and everywhere Jane goes people recognise her and appreciate that The Butterfly Tree are there to help.
    The children are lovely to be around and the villagers very welcoming. I would love to go back in the future.

  2. Lucia Muvambgwi Said,

    I would like to volunteer on this organisation programs. Please sned me information on how i should go about it.

  3. Emma Kennedy Said,

    Volunteering for The Butterfly Tree was such an eye opening experience. The work was so diverse, and being my own project manager within the realms of the most crucial and prominent social issues of the area really made my time at Mukuni thrilling. Building a rapport with the community made for a lovely working environment and only reinforced the positive work The Butterfly Tree continues to do in Zambia.

    The Butterfly Tree appealed to me personally as I have an active interest in the anthropology and development of Sub Saharan Africa. Being a student, finding a position as a volunteer which I did not have to pay for was a bonus and only strengthened the notion of the charity being not for profit organisation, something which is hard to come by these days.

    I received constant support and encouragement from Jane, both before travelling to Zambia, and in country, which made my time there both productive and great fun!

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Mukuni and I fell in love with Zambia and the ethics and work of The Butterfly Tree. So much so, I am hoping to return to volunteer again after I graduate this summer!

  4. Jane Kaye-Bailey Said,

    Email to Jane Kaye-Bailey from Zowie – volunteered January 2014 with Josh, both attending Birmingham University:

    I just wanted to email you to say thank you so very much for the opportunity you presented us. I’m so grateful and happy I sent that email to you back in early Summer time last year! It’s great to see the money I raised go to such a lovely place, and a school that deserves it. What you and all that are involved with The Butterfly Tree Charity are doing is work of great respect. The pupils at the school are excellent, so welcoming and friendly. I truly hope that all those children grow to become successful as every one of them is entitled to be.

    Though we spent little time at the school (to my dismay!) I hope the children enjoyed the activities! If I could have stayed longer I would have, but there is no doubt if I can financially afford to go back out there after I finish university, I will. I absolutely loved working for you, and it’s showed me that when I start working I want to get a meaningful job – one where I can help benefit people – so if that means working with a charity I plan to do so. If there’s anything I could ever help with I’m more than happy to.

    Thank you again, I appreciate it so much,

  5. Bukola Nihi Said,

    I would like to volunteer on this organisation programs,pls send me information on how to go about it thanks

  6. Chindumba Catherine K.I Said,

    Am very much humbled and amassed at this organization,May the good Lord bless you all as He grants you with more wisdom on how to do His work. I am always moved with such programmes around the world. Thats my prayer and aim. Thanks

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