The Butterfly Tree NGO in Zambia is the sister organisation to The Butterfly Tree in the UK. The Non-Government Organisation was founded by Jane Kaye-Bailey, after a visit to Zambia in 2006. The following year the charity was registered both in the UK and Zambia.  Our aim is to support rural communities and orphans decimated by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. All the members are volunteers, which enables donor funds to go directly into the grass root projects.

The  NGO in Zambia is based in Mukuni, seven kilometres from the Victoria Falls and sixteen from Livingstone. Mukuni Village is the centre of the Mukuni Chiefdom, which is divided into twelve zones and has a population in excess of 20,000. The people are from the Leya tribe.

Our NGO Team

The team comprises the UK trustees and local Zambian people, mostly from the Chiefdom. They have a wealth of experience in health, education and community matters. Among our members is the former Chairman of the Provincial HIV and AIDS board, the Chairman of the Livingstone Malaria board, a Head teacher, an Environmental Officer, a local counsellor and former sponsored orphans. All the projects are sourced and initiated by these hard-working volunteers who cover a substantial distance from the centre. The NGO team go into outreach communities to source and identify problems, working with the local people to find want is most needed. Through collaboration they determine what is most urgent. All our funds are used for grass root projects, which provide the essentials in life: Water – Food – Health – Education as well as Sustainable income-generating activities.

Once prioritising has been decided upon, only then do the NGO in Zambia commence the projects, ensuring close monitoring on a regular basis. The UK trustees also oversee the work in progress and help in the initiation of many of the health projects for Malaria Prevention and HIV and AIDS Prevention, community and education, including the invaluable orphan support programme. We have a proven record of transparency and a sound reputation for getting things done!