International aid can be damaging for communities if they are not given the chance to become sustainable. However before this can be done the essentials need to be provided: WATER, FOOD, HEALTH and EDCUCATON. The main reason why The Butterfly Tree concentrates on one area at a time is to make sure all these are in place before moving on. Once adequate facilites are available income generating-acitivities can be introduced. There is very little opportunity for employment when the poverty levels are so extreme, the main source of income comes from curio making and selling, which has been very badly affected by the global reccession.

Farming and agriculture are very much in demand, hence we have initiated a number of sustainable enterprises, some through micro-financing, which are proving to be successful. These include chicken and goat rearing, vegetable growing and uniform making. This year will see a goat rearing project under way to produce milk, with the aim of feeding babies who’s mothers are HIV positive to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to infant.