The Butterfly Tree orphan sponsorship programme has sponsored over 1,000 individuals orphans and hundreds more need your help.

All children on our orphan sponsorship scheme are carefully selected by a committee, made up of teachers, parents and PTA members who select the most ‘critical’ cases, many having dropped out of school. The orphans can be immediately reinstated into school once funding is in place. We have female volunteers who oversee the welfare of these vulnerable children. The Butterfly Tree works with these orphans teaching them the dangers of HIV/AIDS, early pregnancy prevention, alcohol abuse and how to help their community.

Zambia is estimated to have 1.2 million orphans and with a population of barely over 17 million this is an daunting statistic.

To date we are sponsoring orphans from the following schools: Mukuni Primary and Secondary Schools, Ngandu, Muskotwane and River View Secondary, Kamwi, Ndele, Chaba, N’songwe, Mahalulu, Chuunga, and Siamasimbi Primary Schools.

Orphan sponsorship will make a huge difference to a child’s life. ‘Children don’t ask to be born’ and when you are born in a country where one in every six adults is living with HIV, into a family that has been infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, your life is going to have serious problems.

This is a message from Gertrude who recently completed grade 12 and has sought employment at a Missionary Hospital:

‘Thank you for picking me from being a street child to who I am today, I lost both her parents when I was young and had no hope of going to school. I went on to complete grade 12 with 3 merits and 4 passes because of The Butterfly Tree.’

This is a message from Matilda who completed grade 12 in December 2020, subsequently being sponsored at college studying nursing:

‘I hereby write this special letter to you. I would like to thank you for sponosring me because it is not an easy think to do and I really appreciate all your help. Therefore, everything has finally come together because of your support, love and care and I am ready to open the doors to the public by taking care of them. Thank you for all your kind help and I will always be grateful to your organisation for the help you have extended to me.’

Orphan letter (1)

Elizabeth Simasiku thanks The Butterfly Tree

The charity sponsored Josias to complete high school and teacher’s training college. He has since volunteered at Ndele School, as a primary school teacher and is one of our original HIV prevention peer educators. His passion is journalism and he has managed to fund himself through college and has now graduated.

‘Thank you so much Jane for your support in all I do.
Teaching taught me a lot and the project too.
The short skills training with William too added.
My honour is to the Butterfly Tree Charity.
Thank you!’

Josias Muuba

Meet a few of the courageous children on our orphan sponsorship program – click image for their story: