Supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 1: No poverty

The Butterfly Tree has expanded throughout the Kazunguala, Zimba and Kaloma Districts since it was founded in 2006. Our work has extended to five Chiefdom in the Southern Province of Zambia providing water, food, health and education projects and facilities.

Our work has provided vital water projects, which include 48 boreholes for schools and remote communities. We have opened a number of rural schools and have developed over thirty more by building extra classrooms, teacher’s houses and latrines. Sustainable feeding programmes have assisted remote schools, which has helped to improve concentration and attendance in pupils who walk long distances to seek an education. We funded the first rural secondary schools in Mukuni and Sekute Chiefdom, and have since developed two more. The four special education units we built, were the first ever in rural schools.

Our health projects include the construction of eight new health centres, five maternity clinics and seven women’s shelters. We fund HIV and AIDS prevention workshops and malaria prevention initiatives, providing mosquito nets and insecticidal coating and larvicide. Working with the Ministry of Health at National level we aim to support the government in their fight against malaria. Treatment is funded for sick children. In total we have given support to thirty health centres and Livingstone General Hospital. Over 150 community houses have been built for widows, the elderly and orphans. Below are just some of the major projects we have donated:

2023 – New health post for Mabwa. 1×3 classroom blocks for Malombe and Katubya community schools and River View and Muskotwane Secondary schools. Donation for ten boreholes. Project to empower young people will physical and mental challenges. Distribution of textbooks. HIV prevention workshops.

2022 – New health post at Boombwe. Distribution of mosquito nets. Donation for seven boreholes. Teachers houses for Muokotwane Secondary school. Sponsorship of orphans and university students. Substantial distribution of food. Sekute women’s project. Special education support. Seeds for schools.

2021 – Musokotwane Secondary school development, PPE donation to fifty schools and thirty clinics for COVID-19 protection. Mango produce and beekeeping projects for women. Distribution of mosquito nets in Moomba Chiefdom and textbooks for schools. Widespread food donations due to continued drought.

2020 – Mass food distributions to 20,000 households during the drought. Installation of eight boreholes, health post at Bunsanga, satellite school for River View and boarding houses, classroom blocks for Kawewa and Muyunda. Substantial donations of mosquito nets.

2019 – Nakawa pre-school with classrooms, borehole and latrines, shower and latrines at Mukuni women’s shelter, three classroom blocks under construction at Kawewa, River View and Muyunda Schools.

2018 – an entire new health centre at Sikaunzwe, two science labs at River View and Nyawa Schools, expansion at Singwamba and Kauwe Schools, 5 boreholes installed for schools and communities.

2017 – new classroom block at Chaba, 1×4 classroom block at River Vew School, new school with classroom and teacher’s house for Bunsanga.

2016 – women’s shelter at Musokotwane Health Centre, development for Sinsimuku and N’gandu Schools, boarding shelter for Mukuni School, boreholes.

2015 – expansion completed at N’dele. Development at N’gandu, Singwamba and Kauwe Schools are currently taking place. Two women’s shelter have been built at Singwamba and Kasiya. A new clinic has been added at Muchambile, and a bore hole has been installed for Bunsunga School. Further projects scheduled for this year include a special education unit at Kauwe School and expansion at River View School.

2014 – developed schools at Muchambile and Nampuyani and added a special education unit at Simango Basic School. An entire new rural clinic was opened at Mahalulu.

2013 – new school opened at Sibbulo in the Sekute Chiefdom and the advancement of a school at Chuunga. Bore holes were installed at Muchambile and Kauwe Schools in the Nyawe Chiefdom.

2012 – opening of four new schools at N’dele and Malima, in the Mukuni Chiefdom and Matengu and Silelo, in the Musokotwane Chiefdom.

2010 -11 substantial developments at Mukuni, Kamwi,  N’gandu, Katapazi and Siamasimbi schools.

The work of  The Butterfly Tree revolves around the orphans and vulnerable children. Our sponsor an orphan programme has assisted over 500 individual children in education. Over 40 students have been sponsored for further education.