The Tusole Lwangunuko Support group was formed by people living with HIV and AIDS in Zambia who came together to join the world community in the fight against HIV/AIDS through sensitisation activities in the Mukuni Chiefdom in a bid to promote VCT and positive living and eliminate stigmatization and discrimination against people living with HIV and AIDS in Zambia.

HIV AIDS Support Group Zambia

Jane Kaye-Bailey with HIV AIDS Support Group Zambia

The Butterfly Tree is proud to support these brave people who I met during a visit to the area in May 2007. After three meetings with the HIV/AIDS support group learning about the problems these people face on a daily basis, we donated money for the group to register as a society and paid for one member to be transported to hospital and receive physiotherapy.

These people are living in very poor conditions and need a sustainable income generating activities, transport and a better diet as most of them suffer from anaemia. The group need training so that they can provide a community sensitization program throughout the Chiefdom and beyond and to empower women with the knowledge of mother to child transmission.  

HIV and AIDS in Zambia is a huge problem and The Butterfly Tree is now providing the Mukuni Health Centre with funds to buy formulae to replace breast-feeding in mothers who are HIV positive. We have also requested assistance from the district health office and US aid.

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