Orphan Sponsorship

In Zambia there are 1.2 million orphans and an estimated 170,000 are infected with the HIV virus. Orphan sponsorship provides an education for these vulnerable children.

Sponsored Orphan Jane Mulonda Sponsored Orphan Nakwali Balumbi Sponsored Orphan Natasha Mufaya Sponsored Orphan Chaton Sitali Follow link to sponsor an orphan and meet some of the courageous orphans.

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Sponsor an Orphan

Sponsoring an orphan will make a huge difference to a child's life. Children don't ask to be born and when you are born in a country where one in every six adults is living with HIV, into a family that has been infected or affected by HIV/AIDS your life is going to have serious problems. Inevitably if a child loses one parent from AIDS then the other is likely to die shortly afterwards; if the mother survives then she will be left to support her children usually with no income. Many of these people are in their thirties or forties leaving behind far too many young orphans.

Zambia is estimated to have 710,000 orphans and with a population of barely 12 million this is an incredibly high statistic. To date we have sponsored over 500 individual orphans and assited many more African children in education from three schools through our orphan sponsorship program and 2000 are on our daily school feeding programs. The Butterfly Tree has ten female volunteers who oversee the welfare of the orphans

Meet a few of the courageous children on our orphan sponsorship program - click image for their story:

Jane Mulonda Nakwali Balumbi Natasha Mufaya Chaton Sitali Annastasia Mutongo Mukabalengu Siachinene Jesse Musowe Oliver Kamwi Shilla Mwanakwaba Olbert Kamungondo Kevin Sabata Victor Simango Brenda Musonda Obrien Sitali Jacob Siatubtitubi Fransisca Munchindu

During every trip to Zambia we are presented with a long list of new orphans in need of sponsorship. Sponsor an orphan and educate a child.

Education is the Key

Without education these children have no hope of improving their situation. In addition to the academic subjects education teaches them the dangers of HIV and AIDS in Zambia, how to avoid it, how to remove the stigmatism and how to live with HIV if you have the misfortune of being born with it.

Knowing your status, living positively and taking the medication can give a child with HIV the chance to lead a normal life, all of this can be achieved through education. Attending school, mixing with friends and completing high school gives an opportunity for these vulnerable children to have a future. Zambia is an up and coming tourist destination. We work close to Livingstone, the tourism capitol of the nation, therefore school leavers will have an opportunity to apply for a career. In 2012 we funded twenty orphans to partake in further education in the hope that they can gain employment to support their families. 2013 – three students are studying at teacher’s training college. Our long-term aim is to create an Ecotourim project to provide employment and sustainability for the orphans. Additional students are partaking in further education and twenty seven more pupils will complete high school in December.

In 2014 five orphans are currently attending further education. Four are completing teacher’s training courses and one is at agricultural college.

At the start of 2015 over twenty pupils who completed grade 12 are awaiting their exam results, which will be announced in March. A considerable number of school pupils were added to the program in January, many grade 10 pupils, having passed grade nine in December have failed to find funds for school fees and uniforms. We are supporting as many as funds permit.

We are sponsoring orphans from the following schools: Mukuni, N’gandu, Kamwi, Machenje, Damwa, Siamasimbi, Chaba, Ndele, Chuunga and Mahalululu. Many of these pupils walk miles each way, keen to get to school where they can learn how to overcome poverty and disease.

Sponsor an orphan today and help a child to receive the education they need to succeed.

How to sponsor an orphan

To sponsor an orphan complete the form below, we will then contact you with information on how to make a payment on line, via cheque or standing order.

Cost: £110 (EUR160) per annum or £10 per month for one child to be educated. For US donors the cost is $190, Australia $AUD210. This amount will pay for school and exam fees, books, uniform, school shoes and bag. For orphans in lower grades – any remaining funds are held in the school account for extras or emergencies that may incur throughout the year.

The simplest way for you to donate is to use our secure on line page through Mydonate, they take the following Credit Cards: Visa Debit/Delta, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, Switch and Delta:


Please ensure that the address you state is the same as the credit card billing address. We are also registered with Global Giving if you require a 501 (c) 3 tax certificate – however please note that they do deduct 15% administration fees:


If you prefer to send a bank transfer please request the details by sending an email to jane@thebutterflytree.org.uk


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Sponsor an orphan - give a child a chance to improve their live and give back to their families and communities.