I didn’t choose Zambia – it chose me! I went there initially on a business incentive trip with my late husband, Lawrence. More than nine years later and over 20 subsequent visits to Mukuni and surrounding Chiefdoms I have seen first hand the need, poverty and devastation caused by HIV and AIDS in Zambia.

Mukuni village accomodation  Mukuni children

              Accommodation in Mukuni                                     Mukuni Children

Zambia is not only one of the poorest countries in Africa but in the entire world. Two thirds of the population live on less than £1 ($2 dollars) a day. Yet it is a country at peace, has beautiful people, a wealth of national parks and the potential to develop as a major tourist destination. The people need our help to overcome their hardships and education is the key.

  • 14,000,000 population
  • 1.2 million orphans
  • one in six adults infected with HIV
  • every family infected or affected by HIV/AIDS
  • life expentancy is 42 years
  • 75% shortage of medical supplies
  • Malaria Zone – prevalent all year

Victoria Falls after rains  Zambezi elephant trails   

            Victoria Falls after the rains                              Zambezi Elephant Trails       

 Livingstone is the tourist capitol of Zambia and just a few miles from one of the Severn Wonders of the World – Victoria Falls, which is also listed as a World Heritage Site. This area is fast developing in tourism. New hotels, lodges and attractions are bringing employment and income to the region. Therefore by initial concentrating in one area The Butterfly Tree has made a substantial difference, improving the health standards, most essentially providing safe, clean water, supporting feeding programs, building classrooms and developing education – the more children that can be educated the more chance they have of getting employment. Sponsor an orphan through our orphan sponsorship program, give them hope and let them make the difference. We have now spread our work into the Musokotwane, Sikute and Nyawe Chiefdoms and have including an orphanage in Livingstone.

CIMG0158  CIMG9214

          Zambian Sunset                                                Baobab Tree

Running The Butterfly Tree and working in Zambia has been a life-changing experience for me. I have a great affection for these people who have so little, and yet they are happy. If we can assist them by providing the essentials in life – water, food, health and education they are ready to move forward and become sustainable. Get involved and see if you can help them to achieve this.