Stain Musengaila has been an advisory member of The Butterfly Tree since 2006. In April 2014 Stain retired after managing Sun International’s Community Initiatives for the previous ten years. Since May that year Stain has been a full member of the charity and has been invaluable in helping to initiate our new innovative malaria prevention project for Zambia. He was Chairman of the Livingstone Malaria Board


Stain in his Livingstone bakery

For the past five years Stain has been working with the Ministry of Health to drive forward our malaria prevention programmes in Zambia. Stain has a PhD in Entrepeneurship, which he took to help youths. He oversees some of our community projects in outreach areas and teaches management and finance skills to create sustainable income-generating enterprises.


Stain with Jane Kaye-Bailey and UK volunteer – Oscar Miyanda