“Belgian Lawyers for Africa – It’s Legal to Care!” is a Belgian non-profit organization established in 2019 by business lawyers Younes Sebbarh, Gilles Leyssen and Camille Degrave. Several years ago they worked in an orpahnage in Malawi and vowed to do more in the future.

Moved by the plight of the orphans, and after hearing about the drought in Zambia, the three lawyers offered to raise funds for boreholes and food security for The Butterfly Tree’s Clean Water and Food projects. Their aim is to provide sustainable solutions to help rural communities and schools.

Through their non-profit they have spent the last two months fundraising and have gained tremendous support. To date they have accrued sufficient money to fund the drilling of four boreholes and to provide seeds for sustainable feeding programmes in schools.

Their generous support is invaluable. Areas most in need will be sourced prior to their arrival in Zambia at the beginning of October. We very much look forward to welcoming Younes, Gilles and Camille and taking them to some of the schools and villages that they will be helping.