Martin Varallyai loves walking – last year he walked 922 kms from France to Spain!  This year his summer holiday will be spent walking from Porto in Portugal to Santiago in Spain, but this time with an important  message.

Martin wants to raise awareness of malaria and will be fundraising to provide mosquito nets for The Butterfly Tree’s malaria prevention programme. He told us how much he appreciated what he has and how he is able to travel, while others have nothing. He will be documenting his journey, which we will follow, through his social media channels and will be sharing it on our Facebook page.

Nicknamed ‘flamingo guy’ after wearing a pair of shorts with pink flamingos during last year’s adventure, he has called his fundraiser ‘the flamingos are walking for malaria‘ and hopes to raise £1,000. A mosquito nets costs just £6 and Martin aims to buy at least 166.

Accompanied by his partner, Priya, Martin’s journey starts today, the 30th of August, when he sets off for Porto. We wish him the best of luck and thank him for chosing The Butterfly Tree.