Earth Day

For centuries African countries have been exploited, many prospering from the rich natural resources found in countries such as Congo, Zimbabwe and Zambia. These countries are now some of the poorest in the world decimated by war and poverty and the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Now it is time for the West to give something back and help Africa overcome their numerous hardships. Earlier this year several countries in Eastern and Southern Africa suffered the worst flooding in decades; lives and livestock were lost, homes and crops destroyed, entire communities submerged in water. Is this a result of ‘global warming? There is no welfare available and the governments are so poor they have to appeal for international aid.

Where I am working in Zambia, as an NGO, close to the Victoria Falls area I see complete extremes of accomodation; from mud huts to luxurious hotels and lodges. The nation is experiencing a ‘boom’ in tourism and once again the hoteliers and tour operators are exploiting local communities. It isn’t enough just to offer employment to the people; they need health care, safe water and education. It is shameful to hear that hoteliers drain the local bore holes to water their golf courses, which is the case in some developing countries.

Zambian Crops

Through education these people are willing to learn; unfortunately too many cannot go to school due to lack of funds. Tribal villages, such as Mukuni Village and it’s neighbours depend on the sale of wood carvings to tourists in order to earn a living. Sadly the trees are being depleted; through education they can be taught how to grow seeds, plant trees and sustainability. We are encouraging the schools, where we are operating, to grow seeds, learn about waste and recycling but before we can make progress they need those essentials in life:


African Proverb 

If many little people
In many little places
Do many little things
They can change the face of the earth 

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