Responsible Tourists visit Mukuni

When I first visited Mukuni Village in March 2006 as a tourist wanting to gain a cultural experience I never dreamed that the village and its people would become such an important part of my life. Now Mukuni is like a second home to me and the friends I have made are more like family.

I am not the only person to be touched by these warm and gently people, who always manage to have a smile on their face and a welcome greeting for visitors, despite living in such extreme poverty. Every week now I am being contacted by tourists who have visited Mukuni and want to give something back, either in the form of a donation, getting involved with a project or sponsoring an orphan. The Butterfly Tree is fortunate to have this website, donated by Juggle Frogs, which has drawn an audience from many parts of the globe and enabled these philanthropic travellers to track us down.

Along with our partner Exquisite Safaris, who have promoted the charity in the US, we encourage tourists to take time out and visit our projects at Mukuni. Many of these trips have resulted in generous donations of gifts, books, stationary and clothing for the orphans. Although going on safari is an exhilarating and memorable experience, travellers who have been to Mukuni say it is a touching and unforgetable highlight of their trip.

Mukuni volunteer  Volunteer in Mukuni
Alex from UK volunteering at Mukuni / Kelly from US donated clothes to orphans

In addition to these philanthropic travellers we have had a number of volunteers, who have generously donated their time and skills to work at Mukuni. Funding all their own expenses, they have helped at the Mukuni Schools and Mukuni Health Centre passing on their invaluable experience in both health and education.

Any visitors to Mukuni who are unsure about giving a donation to a local community member can donate securely through The Butterfly Tree. We will give 100% to the cause and no administration fees will be deducted. If you are interested in volunteering at the Mukuni school or Mukuni Health Centre please contact

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