Chise needs water

Of all the projects we have achieved in the Mukuni Cheifdom, providing a bore for rural villages has to be top of the list. Water, the most precious of commodities is taken for granted in our priveleged western world, but when you have to draw water from a crocodile infested river, receiving a bore hole can make a huge difference to a remote community.

Testing new bore hole

For the people of Chise Village life is very hard; extreme poverty and unemployment affects every family, now at least they have fresh, safe water and it was a pleasure to visit these people and receive their apprecation. Just a Drop kindly provided assistance for The Butterfly Tree to initiate this project and a Zambian company was used to drill and build the bore hole.

Bore hole needed
New bore hole needed for Chise

We have done a survey of all the villages in the Mukuni Cheifdom and our aim is to provide them all with safe, clean water. For just £3200 we can provide an entire community with a bore hole complete with pump.

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