World Aids Day

Over 33 million people are infected with HIV, over 2 million are children and millions more are affected by this devasting virus. In the UK alone there are 80,000 reported cases and the number increases every year.

This year’s World Aids Day theme is ‘Universal Access and Human Rights’. Today let us unite to help the world fight against HIV/AIDS by ensuring that human rights are protected. Touch Radio are supporting our campaign in addition to an appeal on the GlobalGiving website to attract world-wide attention.

In 2008 it was estimated that 2 million people died from AIDS, mostly under the age of 35, half of them not reaching their twenty-fifth birthday. Last year there were 2.7 million new cases reported. HIV/AIDS in Zambia affects every family, there are 710,000 orphans, one in every six adults have HIV and life-expectancy is only thirty-five.

World Aids Day: Protect this young child from Mukuni

The Butterfly Tree supports a number of HIV/AIDS programs at Mukuni Village, among them are an HIV group who provide voluntary testing and workshops, an under-fives feeding program to prevent transmission of HIV from mother to infant and an orphan sponsorship program for over 250 pupils. We supply educational materials provided by TME to communities throughout the nation.

HIV education is the key; by encouraging people to be tested, challenging the discrimination and removing the sitgma can make a significant impact. Schools, groups and companies must make use of the materials available – education leads to empowerment, helping to ensure that the global target for HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care are met.

Help us to protect and prevent losing the next generation.

Sponsor an orphan for Christmas and make a difference to a child’s life.

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