Charity 2010-2011 Annual Report

“Five years on and The Butterfly Tree is still going strong. A significant amount of progress has made a lasting change to the Mukuni Chiefdom with the advancement of our health and education projects. Successful fundraising has enabled the charity to build additional classrooms, teachers’ and clinic houses, bore holes and latrines. Each school now has a bore hole, providing safe clean drinking water an opportunity to grow vegetables, which provides a sustainable feeding program.

All these schools have much improved educational facilities. These constructions have been erected throughout the Chiefdom to improve the facilities and well being of some 20,000 vulnerable people. Ten of the twelve schools have received our support, several have been upgraded and in addition to this we have expanded the three clinics.”

Follow link for the full report – Charity Annual Report 2010-2011

Zambian Children in School

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