With all the sadness and distress caused as a result of COVID-19, I would like to bring you some positive news. Despite everything that 2020 has thrown at us, The Butterfly Tree continues to serve those most in need in Zambia and has been able to implement new projects, deliver vital services, and distribute food to orphans and vulnerable people suffering from food shortages.


The combination of the tremendous support we have received from existing and new donors, and the dedication and commitment of our wonderful team of local volunteers has produced an entire new health post and staff house at Bunsanga, extensive expansion at River View and Musotowane Schools. In addition, we have installed boreholes for 7 schools and communities, and six solar-powered water reticulation systems for school production units, and two community projects for 400 women.

Malimba, Chilaba, Moomba, Siamasimbi, Ndele and Chuunga. Moomba Chiefdom has also been supplied with insecticidal coating and larvicide. Orphans, widows, and the elderly have received new homes and hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children have been sponsored at schools, colleges, and universities.

This holiday season we’re excited to kick off “12 Stories of Hope” – 12 days of fundraising to provide rural communities in Zambia with much-needed resources of ground maize and mosquito nets. We aim to address food security needs of families and help to save children’s lives from malaria. Each day we will share an impactful story from a local community in Zambia along with ways you can give back during this season of gratitude. 100% of all donations will go directly to the cause.

DAY 1 

Welcome to the River View School! Prior to expansion, the school had limited facilities and classroom space for 700 pupils from early learning to grade 9. Conditions made it difficult to teach students and limited the student enrollment size. Starting work in 2015, we were able to add 1×4 and 1×2 classroom blocks, a science lab, two boarding houses and a special education unit. Additionally, we created a borehole to gain access to safe water to build toilets, a water reticulation system and a school kitchen. We continue to support this amazing community and have added a satellite school with a 1×3 classroom block just this year. With these improvements, the student population has more than doubled in size to 1,500 pupils.


Head Teacher, Rev. Presley Mulenga shares “Many children now have access to secondary education, the literacy levels have increased, pass rate is high and orphans and vulnerable children are being sponsored.”
Click the link to donate to 12 Stories of Hope to help communities like the River View School: https://www.paypal.com/gb/fundraiser/charity/20638 or https://donate.kindlink.com/the-butterfly-tree/1598.
  • A donation of $25 / £19 covers the cost of 4 bags of maize or 3 mosquito nets. 
  • A donation of $50 / £38 covers the cost of 8 bags of maize or 6 mosquito nets.
  • A donation of $100 / £75 covers the cost of 16 bags of maize or 12 mosquito nets. 

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