The COVID-19 pandemic is having a devasting effect on charities, with thousands of fundraising events being cancelled, reduced salaries and staff being placed on furlough. Sadly, many charities may seize to operate.

The Butterfly Tree is in a fortunate position of being able to carry on as normal. The reasons are as follows

  • We have no paid staff – all members in the UK and Zambia are volunteers
  • We have no offices to rent – all Trustees and volunteers have always operated from their homes
  • We have no overheads – the UK Chairman covers the admistration costs

However, we still need donations to support our vital work in Zambia, with current priority needed to help rural health centres and communities get through the pandemeic. Zambia currently has 61 cases of coronavirus. There is a great deal of critism in the West due to the shortfall in PPE and other vital equipment. Compared to developing countries we have done a remarkable job to produce what we have in such a short space of time. As you can imagine this is not the case in countries like Zambia, that have very little in place for when the coronavirus numbers escalate.


On Sunday, the 26th April to replace the postponed London Marathon, where over £60 million was expected to be raised for UK charities, we have been given an opportunity to do a fundraiser, called the 2.6 Challenge for which you can all take part and raise money for The Butterfly Tree.

The #TwoPointSixChallenge can be any activity you like incorporating the number 26, which is the number of miles run during a marathon.

Examble of activities can include:

  • 2.6 mile walk, run, cycle
  • a virtual workout, quiz or party with 26 friends
  • jump 26 times on a trampoline
  • 26 minutes of yoga, pilates or dance
  • For more ideas follow the link:

If you would like to participate and raise money to help The Butterfly Tree provide food distributions and medical supplies for Zambia, or any of your chosen projects that we support, please contact

If you do not want to participate perhaps you would like to donate to one of our team, including myself, doing a challenge. Details will shortly be provided.

100% of money raised, which will be collected on our behalf my Virgin Giving, will go towards our grass root projects. Our page on their site will be live on Wednesday, 22nd April. You can have your own fundraising page and see how much you can raise to help The Butterfly Tree to continue its vital work in Zambia. We will be adding further details and updates on our social media pages.

Any help however small with be very much appreciated!

Jane Kaye-Bailey


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