Luxury Philanthropic Travel

In April 2007 I was invited to speak at The Global Luxury Forum in London, where I introduced the concept of luxury Philanthropic Travel.

Following the forum a number of companies have contacted The Butterfly Tree with offers of support. As a guest speaker introducing the concept of luxury philanthropic travel, I realised that this is the way forward to make people more aware of the environment in the so called ‘exotic’ holiday destinations.

Philanthropic Travel encourage travellers to take ‘time out’ of their holiday to visit an area where charities like The Butterfly Tree, are offering support to a community and give the traveller a chance to either get involved with a project or give a donation.

After staying at Sun International’s Royal Livingstone Hotel situated on the edge of the mighty Zambezi River overlooking the breathtaking Victoria Falls, I was delighted to learn that Sun International encourage philanthropic travellers.

Sun International hotel
Photo: Sun International hotel

They have set up a number of projects to help the community surrounding them by providing orphanages, old people’s homes and projects for the blind among many other things.

I feel privileged to be able to work alongside this company, who have offered tremendous support to our charity and are invaluable with the advice they give us.  

I would like to encourage everyone who takes a holiday to look beyond their luxurious resort and see what you can do to help the poor, indigenous community in the country you are visiting. I can guarantee that you that by becoming a philanthropic traveller you will have a more fulfilling and rewarding experience and a far better collection of photos!

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