Trip To Zambia

In a few days time I leave for Zambia. I am really looking forward to seeing all my friends, visiting the remote villages and seeing the progress that has been made since my last visit in May.  

I believe the pre-school is now complete, the maternity block is being built and the new houses for the homeless are underway. However there is still much more to be done and in the past few weeks the fundraising has gone amazingly well and there are good prospects for the future of The Butterfly Tree.  

HIV and AIDS in Zambia

One of the most difficult problems to tackle is the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Zambia and during this trip I hope to be able to look into ways where we can help. One of the concepts is to offer education through interactive DVDS lessons, produce by charity TME, on crucial topics that affect these communities on a daily basis, using portable DVD players.

Zambia Aids Clinic
Photo: David with Barbara Hauma teacher and Presley Mulenga Head Teacher. Mukuni Village School has signs everywhere advertising the dangers of HIV/AIDS

These lessons are in English which is Zambia’s national language but we aim to get them translated to enable the people who only speak tribal languages to understand them. 

Income for women

Another project which I will be looking into is ways to provide sustainable income particularly for women. Although there is a wonderful selection of curios sold at the Mukuni Village most of the wood carvings are produced by the men. The Butterfly Tree is currently raising funds to provide sewing machines and materials with the view of the village being able to produce their own garments, particularly school uniforms.  

Health centres

Mukuni Health Centre
Photo: The delivery room at Mukuni Health Centre soon to be replaced by a maternity block funded by The Butterfly Tree

We are now being able to extend our support not only to Mukuni Health Centre but to the other eighteen rural health centres in the district. We have just provided a substantial amount of malaria testing and pregnancy testing kits both of which are in such short supply.

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