GlobalGiving Challenge

Finding new ways to raise funds isn’t easy, particulary during this economic downturn when money is tight. The Butterfly Tree continues to source new methods in order to reach out to additional rural villages and schools in Zambia. GlobalGiving, who directly support the work of grassroots charities worldwide, have invited us to participate in their Project Challenge 2, which gives non-profit charity organisations, implementing innovative projects, to earn a permanent spot on GlobalGiving’s website. This will be useful for our international supporters especially those donors in the US.

To achieve this we have to raise £1000 from at least 50 unique donors by the 30th November – easier said than done! The project we have submitted is entitled HIV/AIDS education and support to ZambianVillages, such as Mukuni. Virtually every Zambian’s life has been infected or affected by the HIV/AIDS panedmic, which has left 710,000 children orphaned. Education is the key to overcoming this incurable disease and our aim is to provide educational workshops and health support to the rural communities. Working with the professional team at the Mukuni Health Centre the funds will be used to provide this vital service offering voluntary testing, counselling and treatment for HIV/AIDS sufferers, most especially children. In addition we will provide education at the schools, help to remove the stigma and discrimination and offer income-generating activities to assist the HIV/AIDS support groups.

GlobalGiving Challenge: Educate these children about the dangers of HIV/AIDS

We are appealing to everyone to help us achieve this challenge by donating just £5 to our project through the GlobalGiving website, where you can read further details about this mission. We also have the chance to win an additional £1000 if we are at the top of the leader board.

Other ways you can help:

We have recently partnered with a new and exciting online raffle site, offering great prizes from leading companies, for every ticket we sell 80% is donated to The Butterfly Tree.

Sponsor an orphan – just £8 per month or £95 ($150) per annum

Clever Squirrel – a way of claiming back funds from insurance policies & pensions:

Hungry Elephant  – site to raise money when doing your shopping on line:
Everyclick – the search engine for raising charity funds:

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