World Malaria Day 2014

According to the WHO global efforts to control and eliminate malaria have saved an estimated 3.3 million lives since 2000, reducing malaria mortality rates by 42% globally and 49% in Africa. Malaria remains the biggest killer of man with 75% of deaths occuring in children under the age of five in Africa.


Mosquito net distribution to rural clinics

This past rainy season has been relentless, which has caused a substantial increase in new cases of malaria, especially in the Mukuni Chiefdom. We are currently working with Biotech International who have created products including Mozzimort for malaria prevention. Our aim is to present these products to the Zambian Ministry of Health and the Malaria Control Centre to gain approval. In the meantime more mosquito nets are needed for children in remote villages. We are currently funding malaria prevention workshops within the communities.


Mosquito Distribution to Rural Clinics

I am about to leave for Zambia where we have some exciting projects underway. A new Special Education unit for Simango Primary School, expansions to Muchimbale and Chuunga Community Schools and a bore hole for Nampuyani Community School, funded by Attraction Tickets Direct through Just a Drop, who are sending two engineers to give advice on our water projects. I will also be welcoming William Anderson of Teamworks and ten colleagues who are funding and constructing four community houses. Cansaf, South Africa are shortly taking forty delegates to visit our pojects at Mukuni Village.


Mosquito Nets are vital for Malaria Prevention

All our projects are vitally important, none more so than malaria prevention. A mosquito net costs just £5 ($8) and could save a child’s life, you can make a donation on our website – no adminstration costs will be deducted.


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