Fundraising at Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving – many of your have been so generous in supporting our cause. We are extremely grateful for all the wonderful donations coming in, from both existing and new donors, during this festive season. We were especially touched to receive a donation from a ten year old girl who held a fundraiser, selling her and her brother’s toys along with their Mum’s flapjacks!


Widow looking after orphans in Kamwi Village

Your donations really do make a difference and this year in particular we have been able to expand our work in areas of great need. Our new malaria prevention initiative is working effectively, but much more needs to be done. We are currently targeting the Kazungula District, which recorded the nation’s second highest cases of malaria between January and June. However, Ndola District, in the Copperbelt was the worst hit areas. For the same period, a staggering 65,503 cases were recorded.


Safe insecticide coating is applied inside mud hut dwellings

Besides funding malaria prevention we have recently advanced a number of schools, adding classrooms, teacher’s houses and latrines. In addition to six new classrooms, N’gandu School has a new water reticulation system thanks to grant aid from Jersey Overseas Aid. Four more schools have bore holes, numerous text books have been donated, and ten more orphans are to be sponsored.


Further development for the 560 pupils at N’gandu School

After six months of drought the rainy season in Zambia has started, and sadly the period when malaria is most prevalent. This is the time for distributing mosquito nets and planting maize and other crops. We need to provide schools with seeds and fertiliser so that they can support a sustainable feeding programme. When you have to walk several miles to school, on an empty stomach, a school meal provides vital nutrition for growing children.


Young children need protection from malaria

If you are struggling to find an unusual gift then perhaps you could consider donating one of the following:

There are many ways you can help. For as little at £5 or $7 a mosquito net could help save a child’s life. If you would like to donate using our secure on line facility please click on the link: DONATE

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