Happy New Year 2017

2016 has been a very successful year for The Butterfly Tree Charity. So much has been achieved that it is impossible to write about everything, so for today I would like to share with you an amazing success story about Brian Mulwani, one of the beneficiaries of our orphan sponsorship programme, who is now training to be a pilot in South Africa.


Brian training to be a pilot in South Africa

We started sponsoring Brian in grade 8 at Mukuni Basic School, after he had achieved good results in grade 7. When he later took his exams at the end of grade 9 he did so well that the government offered Brian a place at a High School, where he would have to board, and I was asked to sponsor him. However, in 2007 we had built and opened the High School at Mukuni Village, so that orphaned and rural pupils could afford to complete their education. Consequently I was reluctant to approve this, especially as boarding school fees are obviously much higher.


Brian attending Mukuni Basic School – 2009

Unfortunately I had to explain to Brian that we could sponsor two more orphans for the extra money needed to send him to boarding school, and that I could not grant him this opportunity. It was a difficult decision knowing that he would excel at a more advanced school than Mukuni. However, though at first disappointed, he accepted it and completed high school in 2015.


Brian at Mukuni High School – 2013

Attending High School at Mukuni Village was challenging for Brian, but proved to be hugely beneficial. During this time some American tourists visited the school and met Brian. After they learnt that he wanted to be a pilot they offered to sponsor him. Coming from a humble background this was an incredible opportunity for Brian, he has embraced it and I am sure he will do exceeding well.


Brian training to be a pilot 2016

In his words:
‘Thank you so much Jane, I am and will always be grateful for your help. I remember when I wrote my grade nine exams and qualified to go to a boarding school but things never worked that way, I got mentally disturbed such that it affected my performance during my high school and my final results from secondary. I am humbled that even when I had to repeat to grade 11 you still continued to help me, and today by the grace of God I am pursuing my career to become an airline pilot. I am very sure my Teachers are proud and very soon will be very proud to say ”one of our own is now pilot” and that is my desire to inspire my brothers and sisters that it is not about the environment but the mindset of an individual. Always grateful and humbled’. Brian

I would like to say an enormous ‘thank you’ to everyone of our orphan sponsors, and all our donors, fundraisers and volunteers from around the world and to wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

Jane Kaye-Bailey

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