Food, Homes and Sponsorship for Orphans

It never rains but it pours – as the proverb goes! After two years of drought the rains in Zambia have come in abundance, though this is great news for the farmers and school feeding programmes it comes with a price. Several schools and many mud huts have been damaged because of high winds and heavy rains.


Mubiana Community School – Mukuni Chiefdom

As always working in Africa is challenging. Extreme poverty, malaria, HIV and AIDS, and climate change are just some of the serious issues people living in countries like Zambia face daily. The work of The Butterfly Tree has helped to transform the lives of thousands of orphans and vulnerable children by providing improved education and health facilities, safe drinking water, feeding programmes and better housing.

Nguba bore hole

New Bore Hole and Indian Hand Pump for Nguba Pupils in the Nyawa Chiefdom

Motive Real Estate has donated two further houses and will raise their number of donations throughout the year. For the elderly living in villages life is tough. Many have lost their children as a result of the HIV and AIDS pandemic, left with orphaned grandchildren and no income. Our community house project has provided homes for over seventy families.


Houses – Provided for the Elderly and Windows with Orphans

For the start of the new school year eighteen schools have been given seeds and fertiliser to grow food for their feeding programmes. A considerable number of new orphans are being sponsored mainly at Mukuni, N’gandu, Kamwi, Ndele and River View Schools, and seven students are attending college.


This Year Jacob Will Complete His Final Year at Agricultural College

Regrettably, we have had a problem with several teenage girls at in Mukuni and neighbouring villages falling pregnant. Not only have they lost the chance to complete their education, but there will be no support provided by social services. We are doing everything we can to prevent this from happening, we have trained peer educators who hold regular workshops on HIV prevention, teenage pregnancies and alcohol abuse, but sadly some still fall by the wayside.


Former Sponsored Orphans Trained as Peer Educators – Mukuni School

On a positive side the orphan sponsorship programme has enabled hundreds of orphans to receive a sound basic education. Some of the ones we started sponsoring back in 2006 have not only completed school, but have gained a college certificate and many others have sought employment. For just £10 per month an orphan is given hope and a chance for a better future. Thank to everyone of our sponsors for your invaluable support.

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