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In Zambia there are 1.2 million orphans and an estimated 170,000 are infected with the HIV virus. Orphan sponsorship provides an education for these vulnerable children.

Sponsored Orphan Jane Mulonda Sponsored Orphan Nakwali Balumbi Sponsored Orphan Natasha Mufaya Sponsored Orphan Chaton Sitali Follow link to sponsor an orphan and meet some of the courageous orphans.

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HIV and AIDS Prevention

The World Health Organisation – the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a retrovirus that infects cells of the immune system, destroying or impairing their function. As the infection progresses, the immune system becomes weaker, and the person becomes more susceptible to infections. The most advanced stage of HIV infection is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). It can take 10-15 years for an HIV-infected person to develop AIDS; antiretroviral drugs can slow down the process even further.

An estimated 36.9 million people have HIV. More than 34 million people have died from the virus, making it one of the most destructive pandemics in history.


World HIV Map Courtesy of the BBC

HIV is transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse (anal or vaginal), transfusion of contaminated blood, sharing of contaminated needles, and between a mother and her infant during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

Zambia HIV and AIDS estimates 2012 according to UNAID

  • Number of people living with HIV –  1,100,000 [1,000,000 – 1,200,000]
  • Adults aged 15 to 49 prevalence rate – 12.7% [11.9% – 13.7%]
  • Adults aged 15 and up living with HIV – 950,000 [900,000 – 1,000,000]
  • Women aged 15 and up living with HIV – 490,000 [460,000 – 530,000]
  • Children aged 0 to 14 living with HIV – 160,000 [140,000 – 170,000]
  • Deaths due to AIDS – 30,000 [26,000 – 36,000]
  • Orphans due to AIDS aged 0 to 17 – 670,000 [600,000 – 760,000]

2014 WHO Statistics

  • In 2014, the world registered 2.3 million new HIV infections
  • at the end of 2014 there were approximately 36.9 million people living with HIV

The Butterfly Tree supports HIV and AIDS Prevention projects to fight the pandemic.

AIDS Orphans – N’gandu Basic School

Without addressing the problems caused by the HIV virus no real progress can be made. Our projects include funding for voluntary testing and counselling, an HIV and AIDS support group carries this vital work out through workshops. Peer education for HIV and AIDS prevention is our latest concept. We have sponsored some 500 AIDS orphans in education, empowering them with knowledge to avoid the spread of HIV. We provide assistance for HIV mothers and orphans and funding for treatment for patients suffering from this debilitating disease.


The Butterfly Tree supports HIV Prevention

Some of the volunteers from the HIV and AIDS Support Group – Mukuni Village

The HIV and AIDS support group, made up entirely of volunteers, work tirelessly to sensitise the communities, help to remove the stigma and offer voluntary testing and counselling. The Butterfly Tree supports these projects in order to reduce the number of new cases. In Zambia one in six adults have HIV and in the Livingstone area, 27% of the population are living with HIV. There are also many children who have been tested positive. Every family is infected or affected by this devastating disease. Our aim is to spread awareness through education, particularly targeting school children, who can make the change.

Photo0210 (2)

World Women’s Day 2015 – address HIV/AIDS issues at Kamwi Village

Latest Happenings WITH OUR HIV and AIDS Prevention Project

Dec 1


Stepping up HIV Prevention through Peer Education

Today marks World AIDS Day – the following statistics can be found on The World Health Organisation website:

  • 35.3 million people living with HIV in 2012

  • 2.1 million adolescents were living with HIV in 2012

  • 9.7 million people in low- and middle-income countries were receiving antiretroviral therapy

One thing I have learnt in the seven years I have been running The Butterfly Tree is that no lasting change can be made unless HIV Prevention is included in our work. Zambia alone has 710,000 orphans, with Mukuni Village along with Livingstone, having the fourth highest statistics in the nation. A staggering 27% of the population are infected with HIV. Although we have made a great deal of improvement in the provision of water, education, malaria prevention and maternity care much more needs to be done to reduce new infections of HIV.


World AIDS Day – one of the hundreds of orphans in the Mukuni Chiefdom

Mutsa Marau, our own HIV Prevention Coordinator, is currently in Zambia working with groups of school children. Her invaluable work through her ‘Catch me I’m a Butterfly‘ project teaches HIV prevention through Peer Education and is proving to be a great success. Gaining the trust of the children Mutsa trained her first group in 2011 who are now assisting her to ‘spread the word’.


HIV Prevention through Peer Education

In addition to Mukuni, Mutsa is targeting N’gandu Basic School and is delighted to have an increase in the uptake from the young people, who want to learn and know how to live healthy HIV free lives. To read more about Mutsa’s project click on this link.


Natasha, sponsored orphan, assisting Mutsa at N’gandu Basic School

Other HIV projects supported by The Butterfly Tree include orphan sponsorship, funding HIV Education workshops to invite people for voluntary testing, to reduce the stigma and counselling. We also provide help to woman and infants, fund treatment for people suffering with HIV and AIDS and provide community housing for widows and the elderly supporting orphans.


Widow in Kamwi Village receives community house

This week we have the opportunity to double donations through the Big Give Christmas Challenge for our orphan support programme. Thank you to everyone who has offered to participate- here again are the guidelines: Between the 5th to 7th December we need to raise £10,000 via The Big Give – if we reach this amount during that period our donations will be doubled to £20,000 – so we need your help.

  • When – 10am or as close to 10am as possible on the 5th, 6th, 7th December – as the donations close once an amount is reached.
  • Where – to The Butterfly Tree’s ‘Orphan Support’ project on the Big Give website
  • How –  on line using a credit or debit card on the Big Give website

If you require any further details please send an email to jane@thebutterflytree.org.uk or telephone: + 44 (0) 1926 843699 ‘Like’ us on Facebook and receive brief news updates!

Feb 12

HIV and AIDS Prevention

Education is the key

Virtually all the work of The Butterfly Tree revolves around the HIV and AIDS orphans. At Mukuni Village almost 50% of the school children have lost one or more parent putting a huge burden on elderly grandparents and guardians and its the same story in every village. We believe that the only way to make the change is to target the younger generation and teach them all about HIV and AIDS prevention. Last year we were delighted to welcome Mutsa Marau to our team as a volunteer from London. Mutsa has a BA in Anthropoly and Socialogy, a MBA in International Business Practice and is a trained youth worker. She has written her own HIV and AIDS prevention program to train peer educators amongst school children, for the past four and a half months has worked with pupils at Mukuni.

HIV and AIDS Prevention Co-ordinator - Mutsa Murau

HIV and AIDS Prevention Co-ordinator – Mutsa Murau

Now these dedicated young people are ready to ‘spread the word’ and are reaching out to other rural schools. They are educating their peers on the dangers of HIV, how to prevent it, the importance of voluntary testing and how to live with it if you are unfortunate to have been born with the virus. Other issues include teenage pregnancy and other sexually transmitted diseases and surrounding issues. With our support their aim is to reach out to all the schools we are involved with and beyond. Several of these educators are from The Butterfly Tree orphan sponsorship program and it is wonderful to see the progress they have made as individuals and a group.

Sponsored Orphan

Natasha – Peer Educator and orphan sponsored by The Butterfly Tree

Another volunteer, Brendan Poynton, is currently raising funds to build a Music Centre at Mukuni. This will give these vulnerable HIV and AIDS orphans an opportunity to hold concerts and social activities to raise funds and awareness to help the fight against this devastating disease. Through several fundraising events Brendan has almost reached his target and has

now organised a charity auction, through MUSIC EARTH RISE, to complete his task. There are some amazing lots including a guitar signed by Eric Clapton and a print signed by Ronnie Wood. If you would like to bid for any of the items please use the following click on Music Earth Rise Auction.

Dec 1

World AIDS Day 2011

The Butterfly Tree HIV and AIDS Prevention

Today marks World AIDS Day. Over 30 million people have died from AIDS related causes. An estimated 33 million are living with HIV. 2.9 million of these are children. Around 68% of from sub-Sahara Africa. Zambia has the seventh highest prevalence in the world. Today gives the opportunity to unite in the fight against HIV and to commemorate the people who have died from this devastating disease.

World AIDS Day - young Mukuni girl free of HIV

World AIDS Day – young Mukuni girl free of HIV

For the past five years The Butterfly Tree funds several HIV projects in the Mukuni Chiefdom of Zambia. These include orphan sponsorship, educational workshops and voluntary testing, treatment for the sick and an under-fives’ feeding programme to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child. Formula is provided to replace breast milk in HIV positive mothers. Since its conception in 2007 every infant accepted on our program has been tested negative. Due to high costs of powdered milk we have initiated a goats’ milk project to supplement the programme, with the aim of making it sustainable.

Mutsa Marau with a Mukuni baby

Mutsa Marau with a Mukuni baby

This year we have intoduced a new project thanks to Mutsa Marau, a young volunteer from London, who at our own cost, has been working in Mukuni Village for the past three months. Her HIV prevention programme to train peer educators amongst the school pupils has been a huge success. Having spent her time training these young educators, assisted by Margaret Mulenga, they are now targeting outreach villages to ‘spread the word’. Today to mark the occassion 15 members, between the ages of 14 and 20 years, will be performing at the Chief ‘s Palace as part of Mukuni Villages’ activities to mark World AIDS Day. The groups performance will include poetry reading along with the presentation of art pieces explaining how every one of them can help the prevalance of HIV in their community get to zero.

Peer educators in HIV prevention

Peer educators in HIV prevention including sponsored orphans

From the 5th – 9th December all donations to The Butterfly Tree have a chance to be doubled if made through our partners, the Big Give, during their Christmas Challenge week. To participate and help to give these young AIDS orphans a chance please donate to our programme through the Big Give website.

May 19

Success of orphan sponsorship

Sponsor an orphan in Zambia

Peter Liyungu was the first orphan to be accepted on The Butterfly Tree orphan sponsorship program, some five years ago, when we first started operating in Mukuni Village back in 2006. At the time despite being very intelligent, Peter had lost interest in his education after loosing both parents and having no funds to continue. A sponsor was sought and this transformed his life; as there was no high school at Mukuni Peter wanted to go to boarding school and subsequently attended Zimba High. We are also sponsoring his younger brother Mishek.

Orphan Sponsorship: Peter with brother Mishek

Orphan Sponsorship: Peter with brother Mishek – February 2007

I am delighted to say that after four years Peter has completed grade twelve and did exceedingly well in his exams.  In his own words Peter wished to thank his sponsors.

‘It is my pleasure to show my gratitude and say thank you for opening up my life to a dream come true. You are my father and my mother who would have done the same if they were alive. It takes a strong sole to take up the work of someone else.

I must let you know that I have made it through my senior secondary with 16 points which gives me the opportunity to apply for university. It is because of you that I have achieved this, your contribution to my education and my life in all was not in vain and once more thank you for making my dream come true.’

Peter Liyungu Sponsored Orphan Zambia

Peter after completing high school – February 2011

To date The Butterfly Tree has sponsored over 400 idividual orphans in addition to providing nutritional feeding programs, classrooms, teachers’ houses and bore holes holes. Our healthcare projects including HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention, boosted by a recent donation from Viking River Cruises, are all for the benefit of these vulnerable children. One of the great things about working in these rural communities is that when we can assist with the orphans’ education, there is always someone who will offer to be a guardian, whether it be a family member, a friend or even a teacher. This is by far more preferable than having to leave their village and be placed in an orphange in town.

Mukuni Feeding Program

Sponsored daily feeding program at Mukuni Village Schools

There are over 700,000 orphans in Zambia alone and they desperately need your support. Education is the only way they can get out of the cycle of poverty to enable them to better their situation. For as little as £110 per annum or just £10 per month a child’s life can be transformed. The money is used to pay for school and exam fees, books, shoes, uniform and school bag. In addition to this the children receive a daily nutritional meal, such as the one at Mukuni, sponsored by Cunninghams. The Butterfly Tree provides educational workshops, using interactive DVD’s donated by TME, teaching the pupils about the dangers of HIV/AIDS, malaria, teenage pregnancy, drugs and alcohol.

If you would like to sponsor an orphan like Peter or Mishek and make another child’s dream come true, please complete the online form or contact jane@thebutterflytree.org.uk

Listen to the orphans singing with the Mukuni Basic Choir on Youtube 

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Mar 25

I have many stories to tell from my recent trip to Zambia, no doubt the one which many of our supporters have been waiting to hear is the plight of the twin baby boys, whose mother died in childbirth with their triplet sister. For the past five months The Butterfly Tree has provided support for Elvis and Vincent after hearing about their premature birth and the loss of their mother. Each weighing barely three pounds (1.3 kgs) the twins were discharged from Livingstone in late November to be cared for by their grandmother in the remote village of Kamwi.

With no available money the grandmother was struggling to cope, relying solely on gifts from well wishes. After hearing that the twins would not survive without powdered milk The Butterfly Tree stepped in. Three and a half tins of formula are consumed a week by these hungry boys. At seven pounds ($11) per tin this was an impossibility for most Zambians with an income let alone someone from one of the poorest villages on the planet.

Vincent with his grandmother

Elvis with his aunt

I was moved to tears when I returned to Kamwi and saw two  plump,  healthy and happy babies. The grandmother, with the help of her sister, has taken great care of them and the staff at Mukuni clinic informed me that apart from a common cold they had rarely been sick. They have had two tests for HIV, both were clear and need only one more which we pray will be negative. Besides milk we have provided clothing, equipment and healthcare. Funding these helpless infants shows that it is vital to continue our support to improve the lives of these vulnerable people.