Community houses – orphans, widows and the elderly are frequently found living in appalling conditions with no one to support them. Due to the HIV pandemic grandparents, with no means of income after losing their children, are left with orphaned grandchildren. Equally challenging orphans, under the age of 16, can be seen heading households after the loss of their parents. Their dilapidated mud huts provide little shelter from the rains or warmth during the winter months.

The Butterfly Tree has constructed over 120 homes in Mukuni, Kamwi, N’gandu and many outreach villages as well as the outskirts of Kazungula town to provide these people with a safe place to live. These homes are bigger and sturdier constructions using skilled workers to thatch the roof. After completing a house for an old man who had no one to look after him he stated ‘thank you very much, now could you now give me some tea and sugar.’


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