AIDS Children

Unicef’s statistics state that there are 143 million orphans worldwide, many of them are AIDS children. In Zambia alone there are 710,000 orphans. Heartbreaking data for children who don’t ask to be born. With one in six adults living with the virus, HIV and AIDS in Zambia is a mammouth problem and education is the key to overcoming the pandemic. Being one of the poorest and least developed nations on earth Zambia sadly has one of the highest statistics in the world.

AIDS children at Kamwi Village                 orphan sponsorship at Mukuni

The Butterfly Tree’s aim is to assist these AIDS children by providing improved education and health facilities and safe, clean drinking water. Without these essentials in place there is little hope for the future of these vulnerable children. It is not only the poor that have been affected but many in the public sector and agriculture, causing a weakening in the economy. Young women and children are most at risk, prior to the HIV/AIDS pandemic ‘street children’ were virtually unheard of in Zambia now there are thousands of AIDS children roaming the street, begging for food and shelter. Widows are also at high risk, having no source of income leads them to using sex to earn money to feed their children. “AIDS may kill me in months or years, but hunger will kill me and my family tomorrow” is believed to be said by women in Zambia.

How can we help? The Butterfly Tree is working at grass root levels with the local health and education authorities and raising awareness both in the UK and globally to help the world fight against HIV/AIDS. We have a number of projects including workshops and voluntary testing, feeding programs to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS from mother to child replacing breastmilk with formula and an orphan sponsorship program.


HIV/AIDS support group & under fives feeding program – sponsored by The Butterfly Tree

How can you help? Sponsor an orphan can give a child an edcuation and a chance to make a difference. Donating to one of our projects in water, education or health improvements is invaluable. We are currently doing an appeal to fund community houses for widows and orphans in Mukuni Village; my two sons are joining me in Zambia next month to build these homes. No doubt there will be many more orphans in need of support since my last visit. Your generosity can give these AIDS children the chance in life they are worthy of.

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