If you educate a woman she will educate her entire family. For women in rural areas of Zambia life can be harsh, toiling in their vegetable gardens, looking after children, and walking long distances to fetch water, leaves them little time to pursue anything else. Thanks to receiving two substantial donations we are currently implementing two community projects for women. One is Muyunda Village in Nyawa Chiefdom, where wild honey can be found, for 200 women to produce raw honey and products from wax, in the form of soap and candles. The other project, ‘Mangoes of Hope’ is for 200 women in Musokotwane Chiefdom. They will be producing dried mangos, and produce made from mangoes including jam and chutney with the aim of supplying both the local and international markets. ‘Mostly we relied on farming where we grow maize for three months and did nothing for nine months. The project teaches us about beekeeping, soap, candle, and crayon making. These can be done throughout the year to reduce poverty. This will enable us to educate our children.’
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