The Butterfly Tree charity is grateful to a number of businesses and grant-giving organisations who have provided us with significant funding for the past five years. Many of these charity sponsors are on going, which has enabled us to achieve so much, to expand our projects and to reach out to other rural communities in the Mukuni, Musokotwane, Sekute and Nyawe Chiefdoms. This has helped us to become a notable UK charity and NGO in Zambia.

Getting involved in corporate social responsibility initiatives is a great way of lifting a company’s profile, making it more appealing to customers. We are constantly seeking charity sponsors to support the following projects – feeding programs, orphan support, classrooms building, community houses, bore holes and health programmes, including malaria prevention.

We have a sound reputation for getting the job done, for our openness and for giving regular feedback to our sponsors, who can select any project they wish to support. In 2011 we were voted by a global corporate as the charity having the best proven record for a transparency, working in Africa.