Christmas at Mukuni

When I asked someone at Mukuni Village what they did for Christmas she simply answered ‘we go to church’. ‘What else would you do?’ she replied. How do you describe the presents, feasts, parties and manic shopping lasting for several weeks before Christmas to someone living on less than 50 pence a day? When I asked if they had anything special to eat she replied ‘some people have a chicken if they can afford it’. So unless you have £3 which is the cost of a chicken in Zambia you have to contend with the daily diet of ground maize, vegetables and ground nuts for Christmas lunch.

Photo: Mother and child from Mukuni

Thanks to the generosity of all our donors, old and new, funds have been pouring into the charity this month with many people offering to sponsor an orphan instead of sending Christmas cards. We have been able to build several community houses for the elderly, restore an classroom at Ngandu School and thanks to Just a Drop we now have funding in place to add three bore holes at schools in the Mukuni Chiefdom.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped us to achieve such tremendous success this year. All our volunteers, donors and everyone who has given their time and support generously to assist The Butterfly Tree, giving thousands of people hope and a future. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and peaceful New Year.

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