The three main political parties, in preparation for the forthcoming election, have put the NHS as one of their main priorities. Despite its many shortfalls the NHS provides a high standard of medical care from GP level to critical illnesses; without it much of our population would be struggling to find the neccessary funds for private healthcare. We have all complained about being kept waiting in a doctor’s surgery or for being put on a waiting list pending an operation but we are still better off than many other countries. In some of the poorest nations in the world the waiting lists can be years, not because there are no medical facilities, but simply because most people cannot afford the transport to get them to hospital. Zambia has to rely on international aid to support their medical facilities.

Health support for Zambia: Mukuni baby tested free of HIV

The Butterfly Tree funds both Mukuni and Katapazi Health Centres, without these funds the clinics would be closed. This year we are to support a third clinci at N’Songwe. In addition to providing vast amounts of medical supplies and equipment, we have initiated a number of health programs. These include the under-fives’ feeding program, to replace breastmilk in HIV positve mothers with formulae. The latest results are that all the babies have been tested free of HIV. The HIV and Aids in Zambia workshops provide voluntary testing, sensitization and councelling to outreach villages by a number of volunteers who are all HIV positive. A number of children have undergone successful operations with funds provided by the charity, without this support the outcome for these innocent youngsters would have been grim.

One of the most vital programs we fund is for Africa malaria. We provide mosquito nets and malaria testing kits, thanks to an annual donation from Saga Charitable Trust we are able to reach villages that have not received any nets. Again we include workshops teaching people the dangers of this destructive disease and the importance of using an insecticide-treated nets. The 25th April marks World Malaria Day, in recognition of this The Butterfly Tree has teamed up with Basement Entertainment UK to launch a charity single, entitled ‘Change for the Better’ to raise global awareness and funds for the fight against malaria. It features TY2, Crytal Shaun, Kaufela and Mukuni’s Lillian Mweene. No less than 80% from the sale of this song will go directly to the cause; both the CD and download will be available to purchase on this website from 25th April for £5 and £2 respectively.

Change for the Better: promoting global awareness for malaria

We are urging everyone to buy this song to ‘save a child’s life’.

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